Does This Really Need a Meeting? [Infographic]

By now you know how to look smart in meetings; those tips may be satire, but the truth about meetings isn’t so funny.

According to an infographic by small business lender Fundera, manager attend a whopping 61 meetings per month, on average, and workers spend on average four hours per week in meetings—but say half that time is wasted.

All that meeting time adds up: The US alone wastes $37 billion per year on unproductive meetings, the graphic reports.

What can you do to help solve the problem and give people back their valuable time? First, the graphic suggests, ask yourself whether you need to have a meeting at all. It offers a humorous flow chart to help you figure out the answer to that question.

And it offers a reminder that, based on a Verizon study, 91% of people admit to daydreaming in meetings, and 39% to dozing off. So before you schedule that next meeting, take a moment to think whether it’s really needed. This infographic can help:

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